Saturday, October 18, 2008

Featured Seller: Have it Confections

Today’s featured Etsy shop is Have it Confections. Their shop address is

Tell me a little about your store and what you sell.

My husband and I own an all natural candy company. We specialize in caramels. We have been on Etsy a very short while, only 6 weeks. We've been in business for four years though. My husband is a Pastry Chef and candy making is his passion.

How long have you been making the craft/art that you sell? What started your interest in it? How did you learn?

We have been in business for four years. We have traditionally done only Farmer's Markets, sold in small shops and grocery stores. My husband was on the fence about what to do with his life. He knew he loved food and candy in particular. He enrolled in The California School of Culinary Arts; it is part of Le Cordon Bleu (the French Culinary Academy) and decided that when he wasn't decorating cakes he'd make candy. We'll they were a huge hit and the rest is history.

What made you decide to turn your art/craft into a business? What support or inspiration have you had along the way?

Staying home with our daughter is our motivation. My husband spends considerable time at the kitchen, but it is considerably less than if he worked a regular job.

Do you have any other hobbies / interests?

We both love hiking and the outdoors. We take our daughter to pick up trash in the Angeles National Forest once a week. We're very passionate about helping the homeless and the environment. We both love movies, reading and art. Art is my passion specifically.

How long have you been selling on Etsy? Do you sell full or part time?

We've been on Etsy for six weeks. We do sell full time. Etsy is just one forum for us, but we love it. It is our only online selling venue right now.

Do you sell outside of Etsy?

Yes we do, in various spots. We're waiting to get into the Farmer's markets in LA. We just moved here a little less than two months ago so we are restarting our business from the ground up.

What is your favourite way to promote your Etsy store?

Sending out promos is my favourite.

Do you have a blog? If so what is your blog address, and what do you feature / write about?

I do, talk about life, mine and in general. I feature other sellers and blogs too. (Check out their free caramel contest running until October 31st)

Where do you hope to see your business / Etsy store in the future?

Frankly next year I want to have made our first million. That is what we're both shooting for.

Thank you Have it Confections for allowing me to feature you. If you would like to have your store features on Everything Etsy, send an email to



Uneekdolldesigns said...

The candy sounds yummy!Interesting interview!

Pam Hawk said...

I agree with UneekDollDesigns- and beautiful packaging, too.