Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick update

Hey guys

Sorry I've been away for the last few weeks, things have been a little hectic with my family being sick, and a little one soon on the way. I am planning on updating the blog and featuring several sellers this week. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Soy Candles are Coming!

That's right! I've decided to add my line of Soy Candles to my Etsy store. I am working now on finalizing shipping rates and pricing. The candles will be added throughout the next week or so. We currently have about 30 scents to offer in 16oz jar, clam shell melt and votive sizes.
Greenfield Essentials

Monday, November 3, 2008

Helping Other Etsians in Need

I was recently introduced to a wonderful Etsy street team named HOST. (Helping Others Street Team) This team is a group of buyers and sellers with a mission to help other Etsians in need. They offer basic financial support, emotional support and friendship.

With the current financial situation in the US,and the holidays fast approaching this incredible team is in greater need of assistance. A thread is currently in the forums asking for those of us with any available business resources such as a blog, available free project wonderful ad space or those of us who can donate a handmade item to come forward and help. The thread can be found here.

A detailed list of what you can do can be found on the HOST blog here:

and all proceeds from purchases made through HOSTS store go to help Etsians in need as well.

Please take a moment to read over the post, the blog and check out the store. Every little bit goes a long way to help.

Thank you!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ok, So it's not Etsy related

But I had to show off my two little clowns on Halloween and I don't have a mommy blog yet :) . These are my kids. Ethan is 5, Jessica is 2.


Scooping out the pumpkin, Jess is laughing hysterically at him in the background.


Here is my husband Mike and Ethan proudly displaying their Jackolantern


Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Whats Happening With Greenfield Essentails in November?

November marks the start of the second month that I have been selling on Etsy. I have a lot of plans for my business. Here are just a few of the goals that I have set for myself this month.

- I will be introducing over 20 new scents of bathbombs throughout the month. Many of the scents are limited edition. I'm keeping them a surprise for now, I will feature each on the blog as it goes up.

- I will also be adding 6 or 7 new scents of soaps , some within the next few days and some near the end of the month. Keep an eye out for Cranberry, Chamomile and Muskmelon, Rice Flower and Shea and Pumpkin pie to name a few.

- Baby bombs will be introduced as well. These tiny bath bombs are about 2 ounces each, about half the size of my regular bombs. These are perfect for people who prefer a lightly scented bath, or those who get a kick out of mixing and matching scents.

- Multi packs of bathbombs and soaps will be made available. This will give discounts to those of you who like to order in larger quantities.

Hope all of you have a great month!